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I am really getting sick and tired of people making an issue of same sex marriage. I mean really? What the hell is wrong with some people? Here’s the deal. If two people love each other and they really want to get married then let them.

I have been married to my darling wife a long time. My darling wife says she’s been married to me a long loooong time. Every couple regardless of their gender, be they straight or gay deserves to say the same thing about their partners after nearly 30 years.

Religion has hijacked this debate and they are way out of line in doing so. Why? Because unless I am mistaken, marriage is not certified by a church, it’s certified by the state.

If you marry in a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, registry office, and Elvis Chapel, on a beach or under a tree, the one thing they all have in common is that the ceremony is not legal until a marriage certificate is signed and witnessed. That marriage certificate is a statutory document that is then registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

In the years we have been married anytime we had to show proof that we were together in matrimony we had to produce that statutory document. We never had to show proof that a priest performed the nuptials. We had to produce the Marriage Certificate. A document required by the state.

So bearing this in mind, what the fuck is the problem? It’s not the church. Look we all know what the churches are on about. They don’t recognise same sex marriage, the last time I looked, the Catholic Church wouldn’t even let divorced people re-marry. The other faiths also have their own beliefs and values and I can handle that. As long as they don’t try to hijack proceedings and ram their value systems down our throats.

The thing is that at the end of the day, legally, you cannot be married unless you have a marriage certificate. A registered marriage celebrant can sign off and witness it just as well as a priest, imam, rabbi, pastor can. So if you want to escape the rules of the churches, go to a celebrant.. Right?

WRONG!…. And this where I start yelling at the televison.

This is where it all falls apart. You see, it’s no big deal that a church won’t recognise same sex marriage. In an ideal world you’d just say “stuff you padre” we’re going to a registry office. Unfortunately, the real serious issue here is that its THE STATE that’s discriminating against same sex couples. If two people of the same sex wish to have a wedding ceremony they are not allowed to sign a statutory document that shows they are married.

It’s against the law to sexually discriminate against people in the workplace, in cafes, public transport etc and yet it seems the statutory body that is still allowed to discriminate against gay couples is the department that issues Marriage Certificates.

You’d think our politicians would see that and fix it right? Wrong!!!

They are shit scared of the church. They are shit scared of the Christian Lobby despite the fact that we are supposed to be a secular society. I like Julia Gillard. She’s doing a sterling job as PM. Tony Abbott is doing a magnificent job not being a PM but their individual conservatism on this issue astounds me when you consider the PM is single and atheist and the Leader of the Opposition once bragged that in university he was a piss-head and shagged anything that moved. I mean who the hell are they to judge who can and can’t get married???

So at the end of the day, what needs to happen here is to make it legal so that anyone can get married and have a statutory marriage certificate. The issue here is not the church that is discriminating, it’s the state.

New Zealand have recongnised it and I say good on them. I’m thinking of packing my bags and heading over and forming a wedding band. Me thinks there are going to be a lot of Aussies heading over there looking for some wedding action 🙂





Let me start with a rant… If you’re offended by rude words don’t read what’s coming up next!

Here is a message to people who want to lodge complaints against live music venues … FUCK YOU all who sail in you …

You want the city lights and the convenience of being close to everything AND the serenity of a rain forest… FUCK YOU and all who sail in you …

You want a seachange or a tree change and then bitch that there’s nothing and you try turning it into an inner city hipster village. FUCK YOU and all who sail in you …

A friend of mine just lost a decision in court against his local council which now stops him having live music on his property.

This guy wasn’t making a profit. He was holding house gigs on his property and people paid to cover the cost of the artist. People brought their own food and drinks and everything was fine until some no life moved in to the next property and reported him to the council alleging just about everything from loud noise, cars doing burnouts, shit he may as well have said they were sacrificing virgins too.

Of course those allegations were lapped up by the local council who tried to railroad my friend into having gigs at an exhibition park the council owned that was losing money faster than a hooker with a public itch. So began four years of throwing everything at him. Noise control, building permits, health and safety you name it. They tried it and each time, my friend and his partner batted them away and came up with the goods.

So after four years of being lied to, being made to look like a liar, financially squeezed my friend and the council faced off in the Civil Appeals Tribunal. And he lost…

Did he lose on environmental grounds? No.

Did he lose on liquor licensing grounds? No.

Did he lose on any safety and security grounds? No.

He lost on the grounds that its prime farming land… PRIME FARMING LAND!!!!!!!!!!

This is the same council that has approved the selling of prime farming land to developers to let them turn this rural hamlet into yet another outer suburb ghetto of small blocks of land, pizza and pasta shops and nothing else. FUCK YOU and all who sail in you …

Now I’m bringing up this case because I have only found out about it last night but this is a very familiar story being told everywhere.

It doesn’t take much to kill off a live venue. All it takes is for one complaint and the council are on to it like a flash, More’s the pity they don’t act as fast when people trip over footpaths. Councils should stick to collecting rubbish and stop interfering with enthusiasts and legitimate businesses who promote local culture.

What pisses this author off even more are the people who make the complaints in the first place. You know the type. The one’s who move next to airports and complain about aeroplanes or move next to a school and bitch about kids and traffic in the mornings and afternoons. These people give me the fucking shits! The majority of people are being hamstrung by a bunch of cretins who either don’t do their homework who need a lesson in astronomy because they think the world revolves around them.

In addition to councils, live music venues and events are being strangled by liquor laws, the cost of security, the police and public liability. Add them all together and you get a nanny state. Politicians and councillors are bowing to business owners and developers who feel that live music venues are a detriment to business and property values in the area. It is NO COINCIDENCE in Melbourne that no sooner do we see more residential dwellings in the inner city appearing, that the squeeze has been put on live music venues. I mean, no real estate agent would want to sell a house with all that racket down the road so they’ll blame all the ills of that area; the crime rate the syringes, the traffic on that pesky venue down the road…  FUCK YOU and all who sail in you …

Musicians depend on venues being kept open to make some sort of living. I don’t know of any other business that has to face so many restrictions in order to scrape the meagre incomes that most of us do. The draconian laws brought in and the lawyers picnic of public liabilty is killing a vital part of our culture. People who enjoy live music rarely cause trouble yet they are treated with the same contempt as dance clubs that are riddled with ecstacy, GHB, gangs, knives and violence. More and more of these clubs are opening up while live music venues close. How the fuck is that allowed to happen?

Live music will soon be completely dead if we allow gentrification to bore the shit out of our towns and cities. To all of you who bitch and complain and want to destroy the very things that attracted you to where you live, all I can say is FUCK YOU and all who sail in you …